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COMPLETION will be published this April. Stay tuned...

January 2, 2018

It’s an exciting time. In the next few weeks as I gear up to publish COMPLETION, I will be blogging about my process and progress, so follow me on Facebook or Instagram or sign up for my newsletter for all the latest news!

I finished the first draft of my next novel in November 2017 and will be working hard in the next two months getting the second draft tight.  My goal is to have book #2 edited and ready to go by the Fall.

How you ask?

I’ve always been impressed with authors like Stephen king and John Grisham who seem to have a book out every year.  When I started writing in 2015 it seemed almost impossible. Then I found a great tool to keep me motivated.  Last year I bought Scrivener, a proprietary writing program, and when I started to use the word count target function, it made me more efficient, and more importantly, aware of what I was, or was not, achieving.  And the two thousand words aren’t just daily filler.  The homework still has to be done – mapping out the plot points etc – but once I have those, I’m off to the races.

Writing is like anything – once it becomes a habit, it happens without thinking.

To stay fresh while I gave my first draft a rest, I started book #3 over the Christmas break.  The idea came to me last year and I mapped out some basic plot points in summer 2017. It’s always a good idea to have your next book concept brewing to stay active when you’re taking a breather from a draft of another work.  It’s been cool getting into the heads of new characters and situations. This one is gonna be interesting…

Wishing you all good fortune for 2018.

Thanks for reading!


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