Five Ways to Increase Productivity

Five ways to increase productivity.

No matter what your discipline – writing, photography, painting – any creative endeavour hits road blocks. How do you power through and find solutions?

Try one of these five, easy and no-cost ideas ideas.

Get outside

A change of scenery, literally, is sometimes all it takes. Step away from the screen. Walk and let your mind drift. Let new options present themselves. We’re hard wired into an I-must-work-at-this-for-hours mode, which is the least healthy way to be productive. Disconnect to break through.


Trees in a forest at sunrise

Recharge by going outside

Work in a different space

Another variation to getting outside is switching out the space you work in. Find a quiet room at the library. Slip on headphones in a coffee shop.  Different vibrations, smells and visuals stimulate your mind and creativity.

Cup of coffee on table in cafe

Try a different location to stimulate your brain

Mood Board

What do you need to evoke? An emotion? A sensation? A setting?  Visuals can inspire a wealth of ideas. Mood boards are a great way to do this.  Distract your mind and find new inspiration at the same time.

Sample of a mood board

Mood boards can kick start creativity.


I can’t tell you how many times pieces of dialogues or transitions have come to me in the middle of lifting weights or swimming. It’s all about NOT focusing on the issue that allows your mind to freestyle and spin in its own rhythms. revving up your heart rate also does wonders for your well being.

Lady tying a sneaker

Crank your heart rate to boost ides

Work on a different project

If you’re in the ‘zone’, that magic head space where you know you’re the most productive, and don’t want to waste it, switch to a different project. I have several projects on the go and shifting gears is often the best way to go. I slip into a different world, with different characters and that’s often enough. With the forced break my mind can focus on something else without losing precious ‘zone’ time.

Clock showing time to switch projects

Stuck? Move on to something else.


Next time you find yourself reaching for another cup of coffee to ‘power through’ or spinning in circles on one element, try one of the above ways to mix things up and come back with a fresh perspective.