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picture of african American teenager

Moonlight – A controversial best picture

Moonlight – a controversial best picture. I wanted to like Moonlight, I really did. It was touted as the indie film of the year. It scored […]

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Writer Crushes – Bret Easton Ellis

  Bret Easton Ellis -Writer Crushes part one. Slutty. Yup, that’s the word. It’s not often, and really, perhaps never, that a book, even on multiple […]

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The Trump-tastic year 

  A Trump-tastic year. November 8, 2016.  Vancouver, BC. I went to bed before the official results came in, before Donald Trump stunned the political system, […]

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Letters on the desert

Burning Man – What a long, strange trip

Burning Man 2016 – What a long, strange trip. Did it really happen? As our Dodge creaked its way over the summit and we descended into […]

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OK computer album cover

OK Computer – Indie Masterpiece

  OK Computer – An indie masterpiece October 1997.   A hotel room in Toronto.  Still bleary from the red eye, I flick on the TV.  Nothing […]

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